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Any frequent traveler will tell you: airport parking costs have gotten out of control. In many cases, the cost of parking your car at the airport exceeds what you'll pay for your plane ticket. For example, parking at Newark airport for your next week-long vacation will cost you $105. Parking at Logan airport $168. And parking at LAX and Miami International Airport will run you $210 in the same time span. When you need airport parking, don't fall into the trap of parking in an expensive airport lot; find economical parking nearby using

When you spend hundreds of dollars to park your car at an airport while you are on vacation, that's hundreds of dollars wasted. You could use that money on your idle car, or you could put that money to use on your vacation! Find parking near airports using and ensure that your car is in a fairly priced, secure location. The money you save can go towards some memorable souvenirs, a dinner out on the town, or a night at the theater. Whatever you spend your money on, chances are, it will be far more rewarding than spending it on airport parking.

Many people rationalize airport parking by comparing it against the price they would pay for a cab from their house to the airport. But when you find parking nearby at privately-owned lots and houses using you, your cab ride can be just minutes. You might pay $20 to park your car in a space, plus $10 on a cab, and if you are in Boston, you will have still saved $138 on your week-long vacation. You can find a parking spot that suits your needs, such as cover from the outdoors or even valet service! Best of all, when you take a quick cab ride from your care to the airport: you are dropped off at a convenient location, no family member has to leave to park the car, and you can proceed to the gate faster and with less stress. Simply check your bags and be on your way!

Airport parking has certainly gotten out of hand. When you park at the airport, you'll overpay for a parking spot that is sometimes miles away from the airport itself. Your trip begins on a sour note with an expensive cost. Don't settle for this. Explore your options using You can find nearby airport parking at the cost and location you're looking for.

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